Thursday, February 18, 2010, 2:54 PM

Jack Hicks Speaks On Knockoff Furniture Designs In Magazine Interview

Womble Carlyle attorney Jack Hicks shares his thoughts on fighting knockoff furniture designs in the current issue of Casual Living magazine.

Mr. Hicks, a patent attorney who represents some of the biggest clients in the furniture industry, says knockoff designs are on the rise, due to the faltering economy. But Mr. Hicks says there are legal avenues for companies who feel their designs are being copied by competitors.

"Intellectual property laws exist in large part to reward companies who take a risk with new designs," Mr. Hicks tells the maganize. "And when you hit a home run, it rewards them by giving them exclusivity."

Mr. Hicks is a frequent author and speaker on intellectual property issues pertaining to the furniture industry and is co-author of this blog.

Casual Living is a maganize covering the casual furnishings industry.


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